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What You as a Homeowner Need to Know About Deadbolts

Deadbolts can be found on most homes and businesses across the country. But why are these simple locks so important? Is it really necessary to have deadbolts on your property? In this article, we aim to explain why these locks are so widespread and popular, what they can do for your security, and the types of deadbolts that are available to you. If you’re looking to upgrade the security of your home or business property, contact a local locksmith for professional advice and assistance.

Basics of Deadbolts

Deadbolts are made to be durable and last for a long time, but eventually, like any lock hardware, they do eventually wear down after many years of frequent use. A deadbolt’s ability to protect the property it is guarding is only as good as the condition it’s in. If your deadbolts have seen better days, it’s probably time to contact a locksmith for advice. All deadbolts are made of two pieces of hardware that operate together. Unlike the spring mechanisms that are usually found in other types of door locks, a deadbolt uses a secure bolt to hold the door in place. The locking mechanism is much sturdier and less susceptible to being compromised than any kind of spring lock.

Deadbolts are easy to use and simple to install. Most, even the electronic variety, are very affordable for most home and business owners.

Types of Deadbolts

Companies such as Schlage and Kwikset provide different various of high-quality deadbolts and other locks. It’s best to rely on these brands instead of no-name lock providers to ensure that the products you’re counting on to protect your security do the job right.  

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolt: Single-cylinder deadbolts are some of the most common types of deadbolts on residences and businesses across the country. These deadbolts require a key to lock and unlock the door from the outside, but utilize a twistable lock lever on the inside to lock and unlock the door. These deadbolts provide a good level of security against brute force attacks, because when the lock is engaged, a metal bolt slides into the door frame.
  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolt: Double-cylinder locks are found less often, due to the safety concerns they may present in the event of an emergency requiring quick evacuation. Double-cylinder deadbolts require a key to be used on either side of the lock, whether you’re inside or outside, in order to both lock and unlock the door. There is no way to open the door other than using the key.
  • One-Sided Deadbolt: A one-sided deadbolt is commonly found on commercial properties. On the outside of the door, there’s no sign of this type of deadbolt. But on the inside, there is a lockable thumb turn mechanism that allows you to put the bolt in place. They can be extremely effective as they are very difficult to bypass.
  • Electronic Deadbolt: Electronic deadbolts have been gaining popularity in recent years, due to the higher level of security they offer. Instead of using a key, electronic deadbolts do away with this in favor of a keypad. To lock and unlock the door, you input a specific pin number. The pin number can be changed as needed, which can allow you to grant temporary access to visitors and service workers, or to just change it to increase your security.
  • Smart Deadbolt: Smart deadbolts are the newest innovation in electronic deadbolts technology. Smart deadbolts are extremely easy and convenient to use. Instead of locks or even a physical keypad, smart locks have a touch screen into which you input your pin number. You can even use an app on your smart phone to lock and unlock the door, as well as monitoring the access point for any suspicious activity. Smart locks are more expensive than traditional deadbolts, but many people find this exciting new innovation in lock technology to be well worth it.

Not all deadbolts have the same Spartan appearance. In fact, many styles and models of deadbolt locks exist to suit the tastes of different homeowners. You’ll be able to find a deadbolt whose appearance suits your home perfectly. Electronic locks in particular have a modern appearance that is stylish and elegant.

Why Are Deadbolts Crucial?

Deadbolts are an essential part of any home or business’s security plan. Extremely affordable and effective, deadbolts help maximize the security of the foundation of your property’s protection. Any exterior door that has a spring lock should always have that lock paired with a well-functioning deadbolt in good condition for optimal security. Spring locks are unfortunately all too easily defeated by criminal tactics such as lockpicking and brute force.

You may think that your door is just fine without a fancy deadbolt, but is it really worth it to take the risk? All over the state of Georgia, break-ins occur on a regular basis. These simple mechanisms can prevent those crimes from happening for a much more affordable cost than many other security measures. By investing in installing or replacing deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors, you’re taking a big step towards ensuring that your property’s security is sound from any criminal threats. If you’ve already been the unfortunate victim of a crime in your home or business, you know how crucial boosting your protection is. But don’t wait until a crime occurs on your property if you can.

How a Locksmith Can Help 

Whether you’re existing locks are in need of an upgrade, or you need entirely new deadbolts installed on your residential doors, a professional locksmith is your best route to ensure quality results. By contacting a locksmith, such as Locksmith in Loganville of Loganville, GA, you’ll have access to the latest in lock and key protection. A locksmith can perform a full security inspection of your property, looking for any vulnerabilities or security holes that need urgent attention. Then they can recommend the best, most cost-effective course of action for closing these gaps.