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Keyless entry system benefits

It seems like everything nowadays has pros and cons to it. This is true for keyless entry, as well. Here at Locksmith in Loganville, we are proud to say that the benefits of keyless entry far outweigh any disadvantages. This is true whether you live here in Loganville, GA or anywhere else in the world; keyless entry is here to stay! Whether you use keyless entry in your car, home, work place or business, the ability to dispense with heavy, bulky and space taking bunches of keys is well worth it.

How can you have locks without keys?

Locks and keys go together; much like peanut butter and jelly; ham and cheese, and other well-known combinations. In fact, how can you lock or unlock without a key being involved? In truth, however, there is a key; but not in the traditional sense. Instead of a metal key with a rounded head and a blade with grooves cut into it, you operate the lock using a number sequence or a key code. Some more advanced keyless entry models use “normal” keys as a backup but most keyless entry systems integrate a keypad with buttons to push or a swipe card to enter. Think about it; no cumbersome keys rings to lug around like your old high school janitor; you could hear him coming 8 classrooms away! Keyless entry is convenient, secure and has a very good future in the modern security world.

More convenience

Keyless entry allows you to have greater control and more convenience while working, playing, or interacting with others. Take for instance; your car. You can unlock it and even start it while it’s still in the garage and you are not! Simply use your remote and it’s done. If your arms are full with groceries or parcels, no need to put everything down and fumble for your keys and then open the trunk; just tap a button and the all of that is done for you.

No keys to lose!

Have you ever lost a key? Remember that feeling that creeps over you when you realize that whoever finds that key now has access to your property? Or, have you ever broken a key off in the lock? While there’s no one running around with your stolen key, there are the problems of removing the broken key portion, having a new key made, and not being able to access your car, home or other property. With keyless entry, there’s nothing to lose, break off or have remade; just enter your number sequence or key code and you’re good to go!

Code guessing? Forget about it!

Can’t a car thief or other crook simply stand there and guess your key code? Surely, after a number of entries, they’ll get it right. Actually, no; keyless entry systems are designed to lock out any users that can’t get the right number sequence entered. Some systems are even designed to call police and sound a siren if guessed wrong too many times. It’s much like trying to access your bank account online. If you enter the wrong password too many times, you are automatically locked out for a period of time ranging from a few hours to several days. The same holds true for most keyless entry systems; too many mistakes and you’re not getting access!


Keyless entry is very versatile; you can use it most anywhere; at home, at work, at your business or even with your smart phone! Take your iPhone for instance. To unlock it and start making calls, simply apply your thumbprint; no key needed. Many cars have been using keyless entry and keyless remotes for years. We are all familiar with those multiple beep sounds we hear when keyless entry is activated and the vehicle is locked, unlocked or started. Keyless entry can be found in residential uses, too. Swipe cards help many gain access to homes, condos, hotel rooms, nursing home units and high rise residential units; complete with luxury elevators opening up in the foyer.

Businesses, industrial firms and even government building find that using keyless entry is cost effective, convenient and easy to use. With no keys to issue or replace, companies can save money by simply substituting keyless entry instead. You can find keyless entry used in a vast variety of commercial operations including private schools, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, laundromats, retail stores, movie theaters, fast food outlets, apartment rentals, home improvement, auto repair, gas stations, medical offices, credit unions, banks, savings and loans and hundreds more.

Keyless entry is cost effective, easy to maintain and since it is installed and not mounted, it becomes a permanent part of your business location and thus is considered an improvement and not just cosmetic. This is good for tax purposes and other write offs.

Is keyless entry infallible?

No; nothing is! If you or a family member, employee or roommate, give out his or her number sequence, others can use it to gain entry. Another problem can be a forgotten code or a physical malfunction. There are remedies for all of these situations so it’s best to work with a full service locksmith company in your metro area for new key codes, keypad repair and keyless entry upgrade features like video surveillance and/or swipe card additions. Key codes and number sequences are easy to change and when combined with surveillance monitoring, can make keyless entry systems even more appealing and secure.

Power failure

One potential problem with keyless entry is that electric power and battery power can fail from time to time. Unlike locks that use a physical key and require no power source, your keyless entry system needs it. If there is no power, your system remains in the locked or unlocked position until power returns or the backup kicks in. This can make it inconvenient to leave your home or business with no means to secure it first.
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