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Why You Need Panic Bars

If you operate or own a building where the general public often visits, you need panic bars. This type of door is a safety feature on your door that enables a large amount of people to exit the building safely. It is an exit door with a bar that you press to exit. Panic bars are also called crash bars. This is something that is extremely important to the safety of everyone during an emergency situation. They have been responsible for saving many lives. Before panic bars existed there were several unfortunate incidents that resulted in the loss of lives. The bar extends the length of the door and is spring-loaded. When it is pressed on it unlatches the lock. Its operation makes it possible for people to quickly safely exit the building without harming themselves or anyone else.

These are absolutely essential to have installed in large buildings because of the amount of people who visit them. This would be a place such as hospitals, schools, municipal buildings and colleges. When there is the presence of panic bar there is less likely a chance of someone being trapped or trampled. When people notice that there is a panic bar in the building they are less prone to panic and rush the doors. Whenever there is no door, people tend to panic and over-react. When this occurs the chance of someone losing their life will increase. When there are a lot of people running toward the door at once, it creates a dangerous situation. Panic bars only allow people to move in one direction to prevent other people from coming in while you are trying to exit. If you don’t already have panic bars, now is s good time to start giving it some serious consideration.

The reason that there was a need for panic bars was ultimately due to several tragic incidents that occurred in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. In the 1800’s there were 180 children who lost their lives because they were not able to safely exit the building they were in. Back in the early 1900’s there was a fire in a Chicago theater. Hundreds of people lost their lives in that fire because they were unable to exit the building. There needed to be something that would enable large numbers of people to safely exit a building in a safe and systemic way. The panic bar was the solution.

Consider the many benefits that are derived from having panic bars installed on your building doors:

Different Types Offered

There are several different types of panic bars to choose from. There are some that have alarms. The alarm will go off when an unauthorized entry is detected. Some are offered with cross bars or vertical. Finding one in the price range that you can afford is also easy since they come in various prices and sizes. A locksmith from Locksmith in Loganville can help you find the right panic bars for your doors facility.


A panic bar can be installed for as little as $100. This is a great value considering that it can actually help save lives; which no one can actually put a price on. The most expensive panic bar will usually only run you approximately $300. If you need to have more than one installed, we are usually able to offer you an ever better rate. Make sure to get an estimate before our locksmiths install your panic bar.


The objective of panic bars is because of safety reasons. Again, it is something that effectively enables lots of people to evacuate a place without being harmed. No one from the outside of the door will be able to gain access inside as the bar will only allow people to exit. This keeps you safe from harm because there is no one impeding your ability to exit the building in the event of an emergency. The one’s that alert you to other’s trying to enter from the other side is another way of protecting you from the potential of harm from someone on the outside. Think of the tragedies in recent years with people in movie theaters causing harm to those inside. Having panic bars would have certainly enabled some people to escape without the threat of being harmed.

Lowers Insurance Payment

When you are responsible for your company budget, knowing that having panic bars will lower your monthly premium might be what you needed to know to get you to have them installed. It isn’t a bad idea considering they help save lives and lower your insurance premium. This two-fold benefit should be more than enough to convince you that these are beneficial to have around. There is already so much to think about when you manage a commercial property, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and hallway safety lights. Keep yourself and everyone else safe by having panic bars installed today.

They Work

You now know the reason panic bars were designed and why they were designed. They are invaluable because they actually work. There wouldn’t be much of a need for them if they didn’t work. Keeping those who come to your commercial business safe should be your top priority. In most cases it is mandatory by OSHA to have these types of doors installed. Check with your municipality to find out if you have to have them installed or not.

While there have been the loss of many lives due to the lack of a safe and efficient way to get out of the building, remaining calm in an emergency situation can keep you even safer than the panic bars. When you remain calm you can think clearly. When you think clearly you are more likely to remember that you should look to see if panic bars exist. If they exist, you will usually be able to calm yourself and act in a more logical manner thus avoiding a stampede. When you have panic bars installed you ultimately save lives.